Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You know you're a mom when... You spend your birthday at Chuck E Cheese with your kids!

So today is my 27th birthday and I figured it was high time to join the blogging train. I figure if nothing else, this will give me a good place to jot down all the daily happenings in our families life since I have done a terrible job of keeping track of the events of my children's lives. So here we go...

Today begins the 28th year of life for me and I am happy to say when I look back at past years I smile. I have a wonderful loving husband, a beautiful little girl, and a handsome son. Mike is a currently transferred employee from WaMu to Chase bank. He will remain manager of his current branch for now. Mike is a dedicated father and great husband. He is actively serving as my partner in the Nursury which is a new and challenging calling for us both. Victoria is a crazy little 2 year old. She never ceases to amaze me with her language and naughtyness. She is awesome. I just can't get mad at her cute little face! Henry is an extremely active 7 mo old. He started crawling about 2 weeks ago and now can get anywhere he wants to go. I forgot about what it is like to have a crawler around the house. I find Victoria feeding him all sorts of stuff - we will see if he survives his big sister. The thing he seems most interested in is my computer. He will do anything he can to get his hands on it or the power cord - either will do! As for me, well I am still trying to find the balance of being a full-time mom and full-time employee. I have so many balls in the air, I can't stop for even a moment without the fear of dropping one and them all coming down. I can't complain though, my job lets me work from home and my boss is awesome about my schedule. I really am happy with my life right now and absolutely could not ask for more!